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    Dear Honored Guest

    Welcome To ‘Tamarind’ Northamptonshire’s premier fine dine restaurant, whether this is your first visit or you are one of our many regular customers may I assure you that you are in good company. Tamarinds reputation reaches far and wide, over the last few years it has been host to many celebrity diners who made a concerned effort to ensure they pay a visit to Northamptonshire’s Unique authentic south asian dining experience, both David And Ed Miliband, Baroness Falkner of Margravine, the Bangladeshi cricket team to mention just a few plus The UKs  foremost authority on ethnic food Mr Chapman editor of the ‘Good Curry Guide’, and author of no less than 30 books on ethinic cooking.


    Tamarind boasts too many awards to list in this introduction but the ultimate accolade was awarded to Tamarinds Executive Chef ‘Tipu Rahman’ who is officially ‘International Indian Chef of the Year’, Tipu was also invited to prepare a banquet for  The Prime Minister of Bangladesh.


    We hope that you can take time to explore our story into becoming one of Northampton's best award-winning diner.




    Guiness World Record

    Tamarind restaurant was awarded Guiness world record holders of tallest stack of poppadoms.





    BCA Chef of the Year

    Another accolade to the collection was BCA chef of the year


    International  Chef of the Year

    Celebrity Chef Tipu Rahman was acclaimed International Indian Chef of the year which was a huge award for Tamarind, and was televised on BBC News Live.


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